jons swan pub quiz.

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jons swan pub quiz.

Postby sam_vimes » September 20th, 2008, 11:13 pm

i do a quiz ever tuesday.. not doing anything with the old ones.. good luck

1: which supermodel was married to Richard Gere in the 1990s?
2: Horatio is the lead character in which of the CSI series?
3: which hotel owner declared that his establishment could not make a Waldorf salad, due to their lack of Waldorf’s?
4: Which TV series, starring Jason lee, is centred around an ex convict trying to make up for all the bad things he’d done?
5: If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer, I’m in psycho Ville and Finkle’s the Mayor
6: How many strings are there on a balalaika?
7: who presented the very first top of the pops?
8: Chrissie hynde was the leading member of which famous band?

1: which football team, now known as the royals, used to be known as the biscuit men?
2: through which sport did English sportsman Tony Bullimore make the news in 1997, just south west of Australia?
3: Abebe Bikila was the first gold medal winner from Africa, what was unusual about his runs?
4: who was the first person to swim the English channel?
5: which board game was invented by Arthur Mosher butts in 1938?
6: Franz Beckenbauer, German footballer, was known by what nickname?
7: which Boys pastime was invented by frank Hornby in 1900 with a patend number GB190100587A given in 1901
8: which British formula one Champion also had a formula world championship winning father?

General Knowledge
1: who painted the roof of the Sistine chapel?
2: According to “them” as in, you know what “they” say, what is the road to hell paved with?
3: what is the main ingredient of the Russian red soup, borscht?
4: what did the Marathon bar morph into?
5: what is a merkin?
6: which company produces the perfumes Nu and Paris?
7: in Norse mythology, where do fallen heroes end up?
8: what do the Americans know as pantyhose?

Mystery Year
1: a large piece of the Beachy head cliff face dropped off in the mystery year, beachy head is well known for what grisley activity?
2: Pluto stopped being closer to the sun than Neptune in the mystery year, in which decade was Mickey’s dog Pluto named as Pluto?
3: sir alf ramsey died in the mystery year, Sir Ramsey brought himself most fame by Managing which football Team?
4: Lance Armstrong won his first tour de France in the mystery year,
5: The columbine high school massacre happened in the mystery year, bowling for Columbine was a “documentary” by which Fat arsed complaint merchant?
6: the dreamcast console was released in the mystery year, which company made the dreamcast?
7: Joe dimaggio died in the mystery year, which American sport did dimaggio play?
8: what is the mystery year

Missing Link
1: what is the elemental symbol for Argon?
2: Who started Playing bond in the film Live and Let die?
3: name the tv show, set in a school, first aired on channel 4 in 2001 and was created by Tim Loane. It has belle and sebastians boy with the arab strap as it’s theme
4: what are young goats known as?
5: In marijuana slang, what fraction is a Henry describing
6: Gunner, Signaller, Sapper, Trooper and craftsmen all hold the same rank in the army. Which is?
7: Who starred in the male lead role of the film secret window?
8: what is the missing link?
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Re: jons swan pub quiz.

Postby biscuit » October 27th, 2008, 5:06 pm

Right, after a very long delay (and a boring afternoon at work!) here are my answers:

1 Cindy Crawford
2 CSI Miami (the only one I've heard of, not a fan!)
3 Basil Fawlty
4 My Name is Earl
5 ??
6 12 (pure guess)
7 Tony Blackburn (another guess)
8 The Clash (Fairly sure this is wrong, but can't think of a better answer!)

Sport (my least favorite topic, as you will soon tell!);
1McVities United?
2 Sailing?
3 Used to run bare foot
4 Either a) a frenchman so desperately allergic to garlic and lacking in a boat who could see no other means or escape or b) an english person so desperately allergic to turnips and lacking in a boat who could see no other means of escape or c) some other person before records began and the channel flooded to it's current width who swam across the little river that wasn't there in Grandads day, probably for a lark and to impress someone..
5 Monopoly
6 Bob? Ginger?
7 Electric railway sets
8 Jenson Button

General knowledge;
1 Michaelangelo
2 Good Intentions
3 Beetroot
4 Snickers bars (and along the way became more tasty, at least in my opinion!)
5 An item of mens clothing
6 Geurlain (excuse spelling!)
7 Valhalla
8 Tights

Mystery year;
1 Suicide
2 1950's
3 Tottenham (ah - another sports question!)
4 thats nice, um, not sure this is a questions so much as a statement..
5 Michael Moore
6 Nintendo
7 Baseball
8 2001

Missing link;
1 A
2 Roger Moore
3 Teachers
4 Kids
5 Eight
6 Corporal
7 Jonny Depp
8 they don't know, they are still looking for it!
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