Once upon a time....

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Once upon a time....

Postby Findtherma » June 26th, 2005, 11:42 pm

Hi everyone.

Findtherma here, your resident storyteller.

Since the old Storyboard went the same way as the rest of the forum, I thought I'd take the chance to give the new Storyboard a proper introduction.

This is the place where you post everything story related. That is you can post your own original stories here, you can post reviews of stories or books, you can post your own original plays, play synopses, screenplays, movie scripts, roleplaying game synopses, song lyrics, film discussions, story discussions, news stories, nonsense stories, one line stories, anecdotes and any other story related subjects that I have not thought of but you have.

Looking forward to reading all your posts.

Congrats to Spirit for getting a head start and for salvaging the 'Flight if a Star' story thread.

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