old poems

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old poems

Postby smartchance21 » August 14th, 2006, 11:16 pm

i just found these in a notebook that i had when i was fifteen and thought id share them
please feel free to tell me what you think

The face of madness in the dark
The scent of roses in the heart
These are feelings of fear and love
Brought by the touch of a womans glove
And to those who feel it everynight
And are so sure it is there right
Do take heed and hear my plight
For a womans tears shall fall this night
And now i really must take flight
And leave you with these words i write

I would gladly go to hell for you
and bring you back a view
just to say how much i love you
and hear you say it to
and if you dont i wont ask why
i wont be sad i will not cry
and if you never get to see my view
just remember
i gladly went to hell for you

i think i like the second one the best cause it cracks me up everytime i read it but anyways what do youthink
"That was a very hurtfull remark," said the tortoise."A remark calculated to wound."
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Postby bogieman » May 13th, 2007, 8:14 am

What about this one?

From within the darkness
the Bogie Man came
With power over the mind
and Vincent the name
He secretly incarnates
behind doors under beds
He played with the people
put thoughts in their heads
Put’s fear in there stomachs
pain in their mindAnd
he did it from a bed
or a door he stood behind
Unless he want’s you to
you don’t know he’s there
If you go look for him
you haven’t a prayer
Because he is magic
and ancient that’s clear
When you go to bed
just pray he’s not near
Lay down to sleep
perchance there are dreams
If the Bogiemans there
it may not be what is seems
Thunder and lightning
there in the air
Monsters and Goole’s
you know it’s not fair
They are coming to get you
what have you done wrong
You know in your mind
that they don’t belong
You can’t chase them out
and you can’t understand why
How are you to know
the Bogieman stopped by

Written by The Bogieman (William Tait)
At the very worst time of there lives the very least we can do is our very best.
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Postby The_Bad_Man » May 13th, 2007, 10:46 am

This is one I wrote for a lecturer of mine at uni who is rather into poetry.

The 'Life' Project:

A true scientist at heart
He started to contemplate
God’s very own design
In order uncover that transcendental answer
To what melody do the fire flies dance
And young hearts find romance?

So great was his ambition
To expose this cosmic exhibition
Soon thought and theory
Unified as one
The answer came,
While the planets spun on

Like the question
The answer was endless
But man is only blood and bone
The longer we stand, the more time goes on
A more valuable lesson was discovered
For more is less and less is more
Much better than going unread

- Diego
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