Star Wars: Tale of a Galactic Senator

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Star Wars: Tale of a Galactic Senator

Postby wizzard » August 5th, 2005, 10:37 am

This is set in Findtherma's version of the Star Wars galaxy. It is going on at the same time as Flight of a Star, only from a different character's point of view. Although it isn't yet based on a roleplaying character, the intention is for the character to replace the main character in Flight of a Star eventually. This is the story of how he gets there.

Please post comments in a separate thread so as not to break up the story.

Chapter 1: A Senator on the Run

I was examining a document from the council of farmers requesting better payment from the Empire when I there was a loud hammering at the front door of the house. Deralah opened the door, and I could hear her talking to a man outside. I called out “who is it”? To which she replied “there are a group of Imperial Stormtroopers here, Senator”. I told her to show them in, which she did, and their Captain (a man whose name I have now, unfortunately forgotten, but I knew at the time) approached my desk. “I’m sorry sir, but I have an order signed by the Emperor here to take Senator Sidar Malderan into custody. I should also warn you that the Galactic Senate has been disbanded, and therefore your position as Senator no longer stands”.
“Yes, well, you must do what you must do, Captain. You will allow me to fetch my cloak”? I responded, to which the Captain graciously agreed (I always find it worthwhile to cultivate good relations with the local military presence as a politician). I left the Stormtroopers standing in my office while I left the room, heading upstairs in the direction of the cloakroom. However, I did not stop there. I continued up onto the top floor, and opened the door which was never opened by anyone else. I had the foresight to have a small hyperspace-capable craft ready, piloted by a built-in R4 droid. It was not particularly comfortable, but it fit inside the roof-space of my senatorial mansion, and it was possible to fly out through the hatch that I had had fitted in the roof. I jumped in the craft, and ordered the R4 unit to take off as soon as possible. It complied with a meaningless set of bleeps, to which I had become accustomed. The Stormtroopers must have wondered what was taking so long, as they burst through the door just in time to see my craft exit the hatch. They must have communicated my flight with one of their ships in orbit, as I had a group of TIE fighters surrounding me within a few short minutes. I had neither the sufficient skill nor firepower to take them on directly, so I managed to keep them talking for a minute with a story that my ship was out of control, and that I was attempting to stop in order for me to surrender. A few short seconds after they opened fire, we had exited the gravity well, and the R4 unit had managed to drop us into hyperspace. I breathed a sigh of relief as my ship slowly made its way towards Alderan, where I knew I would be able to meet with some of the other senators who had disagreed with the Emperors policies in the past.
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