Metal Gig Reveiws

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Metal Gig Reveiws

Postby KronKron » July 13th, 2005, 9:31 pm

Any gigs you been to recently? I'd like to start a gig reveiw thread, something more than just "yeah, s'alright". Because I'm only really going to go to metal gigs, someone else can do rock, pop, folk, jazz, funk or whatever gigs. I'll kick off with a gig I went to on Monday

Band: Mastodon
Genre: Metal - Nork will tell you some rubbish about "Noise Metal"
Supporting Bands: Art of Burning Water, Winnebago Deal, Raging Speedhorn.

The the early parts of this gig were truly awful. Art of Burning Water, a threepiece band, were technically good, and pulled off some fairly complex polyrhythms quite well, but their songs just didn't grab you. Also, they could have done with more lyrics. A single scream at a random point in their short songs just isn't good enough. They could have at least padded out the song with a few more screams. They should have also kept the talking at the minimum. They spent more time talking in between songs than playing.

The second "Band", Winnebago Deal were slightly wierd. There was just two of them, a drummer and guitarist/singer. Yet you could hear a bass. They probably prerecorded it. The singer/guitarist, certainly had a lot of energy, and was bouncing around the stage impressively, but what he was playing was truly derivative, boring rubbish. It was very bad glam rock with some extra distortion to try and make the sound more "metal". The boring riffs were endlessly repeated to bulk out the songs to what seemed like forever. The crowd, after the amusement of seeing the singer run around, quickly got bored, and the band received a polite applause at the end of each song, which I suppose is better than bottles and booing.

From too few band members to too many, northerners Raging Speedhorn had two frontmen, doing exactly the same thing. How pointless. Still, after the awful Winnebago Deal, Raging Speedhorn play something you could bang your head to. They also managed to get the crowd to make a pit that stretched from one end of the admittedly small venue to the other. A combination of simple but good riffs and the hulk of one of the singers made this a memorable band.

Mastodon came on with a huge din of storms at the ocean and flashing blue lights. Mastodon interestingly started off with "Hearts Alive", not really a gig starter. The response from the crowd was huge. The air was think with devil horns and the screams were making it difficult to hear the music. Mastodon launched into their songs, mostly playing from their Leviathan album. They were magnificent, though they could have ended the gig with a good short song like "Blood and Thunder" or "March of the Fire Ants", and not with a cover of a rather poor song by an unknown band. What was surprising was when they talked. Their voices, which you expected to be deep, growly voices judging by the vocals, were actually annoying, daron malakian-esque voices. Another pleasantly surprising thing was the soloing of Brent Hinds. Normally Mastodon don't really do proper solos - except for "Hearts Alive" , but these solos came at every second song, and were fluid, powerful and not the playing-for-yourself ego trip of certain metal guitarists. *cough* Slayermetallicapanteraironmaidenjudaspriestetcetcetc *cough*

All in all, Mastodon were amazing, but the opening acts left much to be desired. When Mastodon come back here, which they will in December, be sure to go see them.

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