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Postby not here right now » October 11th, 2007, 4:03 pm

glorfindel wrote: kness(?)

It's knees, and I think your plan is a little expensive sounding, also dolphins are harder to anger, how are me meant to goad them into a killing rage?
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Postby glorfindel » October 11th, 2007, 5:54 pm

dolphins get realy pissed at being called fish as they are not ( unlike sharks).So we will attach a mechanism to each dolphin that will activate as soon as it aproaches a metal hull. it will activate ( I like that word and may use it again) a small speaker that will wisper to the dolphin

" hey bud that there big hull just called you a fish, you gonna stand for that bud? you the most cleverist being alive huh?"

Thus driving the stupid fish MAD as hell . Obviosly this will only activate ( :D ) when the lazer is fully charged.
Cost is a problem and we may have to increase the entry fee to the sea life centre somewhat to cover the cost.
I have been informed by my (our ) resedent scientist ( please read that as Mad scientist) that it might take more than one dolphin ( we only have one) to wipe out all the fleets in the world so we will be starting a breeding program to breed lots of dolphins at our sea life centre.As well as being used to destroy all shipping and bring world trade to an end ( unless our demands ( not yet agreed upon)are met)we will use the breeding program as a very clever cover so no one will suspect a thing..... :twisted: ( HA HA HA HA....)
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